Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The next Karate Kid

 As the name suggest, this time our Karate kid is not the same kid, but the next kid. Mr. Miyagi teaches Karate to a girl. Julie, our karate kid in the movie, is teenage girl, who is not happy with life, because her parents are no more. She is living with her grandmother. Her late grandfather and Mr. Miyagi were friends while they were in army. She is a typical teenage girl, who is in a stage of life, where she is trying to find out her own identity. She is beautiful, lively, bold and loving. So as usual, there are few bad boys, who are behind her in school. So typical scenes like how they fight, and then how she finds a real good friend, while she goes away with Mr. Miyagi to learn Karate.

This time, Mr. Miyagi, do not teach karate in the usual environment, but he takes her to the place where japanese monks live. And she takes lessons in that place. There are few humorous scenes, they are really enjoyable. Specially, when monks visit Boston and then they go bowling. Mr. Miyagi teaches Julie, not only karate but also other things like anger management, that time he says a sentence which I liked the most, "Sun is warm and grass is green".

Like usual movie ending, this movie also ends with good over bad. So in the final fight, there is a fight between girl and the bad boy. But not in usual championship, but at some other place Ilike usual bollywood movies.

And finally this angry young girls turns into pretty young girl and becomes independent and frees herself from all worries.

A good movie. If you like Mr. Miyagi and his english, then it is a good movie to watch.


  • Christopher Cain


  • Pat Morita ... Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi (as Noriyuki "Pat" Morita)
  • Hilary Swank ... Julie Pierce
  • Michael Ironside ... Col. Dugan

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  1. Hey mavshi, nice beginning...Being a great movie fan, I would definitely visit the blog more often that others....Btw, what's your rating (in stars) for this movie??